How To Find The Best Acne Solution

If you have acne, it might be difficult to find a particular acne solution specifically geared to your specific skin type and actual condition. There are many different types of acne solutions available today, which can make it nearly impossible to choose the right one for you. Many people who suffer from acne have spent hundreds of dollars looking for just the right treatment.

However, you can do some things that aren’t medication but that will nonetheless help your acne. With a few simple steps, you can make your acne outbreaks much less severe and maybe even go away altogether. One example of this is the type of cleanser you use.

If you use a harsh soap or other type of harsh cleanser to clean your face, it might surprise you know that this can actually make your acne worse. In fact, most dermatologists recommend the use of a mild and gentle cleanser. He or she can tell you which cleanser to use so that it fits your skin type and cleansing needs. In general, you should wash your skin with a gentle acne cleanser twice a day, in the morning and at night. Also wash after exercising since this activity can bring oils to the surface.

You will also want to avoid touching or rubbing your acne too much. This can cause scarring as well as picking, pinching, or squeezing your acne. It is important to try not to pop your pimples or otherwise you will find that you have scars, which can be about as bad as the acne itself, and are more or less permanent blemishes.

The sun can be your enemy in many ways. In the first place, if you are using an acne solution that involves medication, you will want to avoid the sun, as these agents may make you more susceptible to getting sunburned. Furthermore, the sun can work to not only create skin cancer, but damage the skin as well in many ways.

If you are a woman, you’ll want to check out the type of makeup you use as well. Sometimes the makeup you use can actually cause acne. One simple thing to try is to use water-based makeup and moisturizers, while avoiding those based in oils. In addition, make sure that you properly remove makeup with a gentle cleanser every night before going to bed and don’t leave it on, as this can lead to follicles clogging. This, in turn, can cause pimples. One recommended makeup is Clinique which very few women have reported any kind of acne-causing problems with. Yes it is a bit more expensive, but then again, if the cheaper brands irritate your acne, which is worse?

Finding the right acne solution for your needs may mean that you need to make some changes in the way you do things day to day. This may mean watching the type of makeup you use for women. For men, it may even mean changing the way you shave your face by changing your brand of after shave or shaving lotion.

To live an acne free life, you may need an acne solution that’s either prescribed or over-the-counter medication. In addition, you will most definitely need to implement some prevention techniques to help keep you acne free.

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