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How Acne Skin Care Can Naturally Eliminate Blemishes, Fine Lines, and Scars

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By kimberlyac on 2012-03-24 13:54:54
With the help from the following list of pointers you can start separating fact from fiction and hopefully, find the right acne products for you. These pointers are merely suggestions. It is always a good idea to try out different products until you find the right combination.

Myths about Acne and Acne Treatment

Myth 1: Acne is the result of poor hygiene

Poor hygiene is not responsible for acne; however, maintaining an on-again-off-again cleansing routine can make your acne problems worse.

Myth 2: Sunbathing is great for getting rid of acne

Sunbathing does not help clear up acne. As a matter of fact, it can actually cause irritation that can lead to more breakouts. Avoid exposing acne prone skin to UV radiation.

Myth 3: Only teenagers suffer from acne

Nothing could be further from the truth. Many adults suffer from sporadic acne outbreaks while others suffer from severe acne until late adulthood.

Acne solutions for Each Skin Type

This acne skin care guide will help you find the right acne product for your skin type.

Oily Skin

Try a soapy cleanser that contains salicylic acid to help eliminate sebum. Even though this skin type can withstand harsher products, it is not a good idea to use them. Sebum production is the body’s natural defense against irritation and using products that contain harsh ingredients will only dry your skin and make it more vulnerable.

Tone with a product that is designed to eliminate blackheads. As far as a moisturizer is concerned, you need to find one that is light and water-based. The products that you decide to use should also contain salicylic acid, sulfur and/or retinoic acid.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is the absolute opposite of oily skin. Use a cream cleanser and tone with an alcohol free astringent. Follow up with a creamy moisturizer.

People with dry skin should avoid acne cleanser that contains alcohol, salicylic acid, sulfur and/or retinoic acid. All of these ingredients can cause irritation and more dryness.

Combination Skin

There is really no need to buy two separate products for both types of skin. You can buy a product especially made for combination skin or buy one product that is suited for one of the skin types.

If you choose a product for dry skin, be sure not to overly treat your oily skin. The same is true if you buy a product for oily skin. Simply make sure that you don’t apply too much to your dry skin. Combination skin can withstand products that contain salicylic acid and/or retinoic acid, but make sure you are gentle with your dry skin.

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