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Best Acne Cleanser For Men



You may think that acne is acne, but this is simply not true. Just as there are different skin types, there are also different forms of acne for men and woman. Here are some of the ways in which men and woman differ in terms of acne:


  1.       Timing: Men tend to get worse acne around puberty in comparison to woman. Men tend to have worse acne when they’re adolescents, and then the acne will recede during their mid twenties. Many women on the other hand, have acne from the age of twenty until forty. As well, many women who never had acne before, will develop acne when they’re pregnant.
  2.       Inflammation: During puberty, it is more common for men to experience more severe forms of acne. This causes inflammation, which is commonly seen among pubescent boys.
  3.       Hormones: We all know that men and woman have different levels of hormones. Androgen hormones (which include testosterone), influence the production of sebum. High levels of sebum are not only linked to more bacteria, but sebum causes blockage of the follicles under the skin. This encourages pimples and acne to develop.


Here Are Some Tips For Keeping Your Skin Clean


Men may not always be as conscious of their skin as women, but there are tips that can help them keep their skin clean and healthy. Tips such as the following below.


  1.       Wash Everyday: Keeping your skin clean is a very crucial component. When it comes to washing, you can simply use some warm water and the cleanser of your choice. Avoid soaps that are harsh on the skin. Also bars of soap are breeding grounds for bacteria. Do not take a bar of soap and directly wash your face with it. This can increase bacteria, as well as dry out your skin.
  2.       Be Gentle: If your skin is highly acne prone, don’t irritate it by scrubbing it. No matter what skin type you have, you want to be gentle with it. Gently remove dirt and oil by using a soft cloth or your hands.
  3.       Added Ingredients: The Best acne cleanser for men, will contain added ingredients. This may be salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients can really target the problem.
  4.       Hydration: Whichever cleanser you choose, look for moisturizing properties. There may even be a moisturizer that is paired with the cleanser. It is important to keep your skin hydrated.


Let’s take a look at some of the best acne cleanser products for men that you can currently purchase.


  1.   This was designed specially for men. It is considered the best acne cleanser for men, because it cleanses and moisturizers. This will leave the skin feeling clean and hydrated.


  1.      Although this is not specifically designed for men, it is great for either sex. It targets acne, which is the core issue here. It can be considered the best acne cleanser for men, because it prevents future acne. Also, it does not dry the skin out.

Watch the review of the above describe product in this Youtube video below.


These are just a couple of the options. There are numerous cleansers available. Choosing the best acne cleanser for men, depends on the skin type you have. Click here to find more information on the best cleanser for acne.

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