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How To Choose The Right Cleanser For Acne

If you are shopping for or looking to buy a top quality cleanser for acne,clarisonic Skin Care Mia 2 Sonic Skin Acne Clarifying Cleansing Collection image

you might want to take your time to look at some factors and important points in choosing the right cleanser for acne. Most women that wear face makeups know how important it is for them to clean off the make up by the end of the day before going to bed. The reason is that if left on the skin for too long, the many ingredients that are contained in those makeups usually results to various skin conditions such as acne, blotches, redness of skin etc. A top quality cleanser for acne will do a good job in thoroughly cleansing and getting rid of all those facial make ups.

Choosing the right cleanser for acne will help get rid of those bacteria that are found in clogged hair follicles and that usually results to breakouts .The job of a good cleanser also includes thoroughly cleansing and removing dead skin cells from the skin surface.

Knowing what you want and what you expect to get in a cleanser will help you choose the right cleanser for acne. Though lots of facial cleansers are available in the market today, bear in mind that the best face make up cleanser out there might work for one person but might not work for the next person. What helps in most cases is that you determine your skin type, do some research ,experiment with top products and brand names available and then consider all the options for that cleanser to determine the one that will truly work for you.

Cleanser for acne

So how can one find and choose the right cleanser for acne that will match ones needs? Well here are some ideas and tips in choosing the right cleanser for acne when shopping.


  • Consider seeking the help of a dermatologist to help you choose the right acne cleanser that will work best for your skin and that will exactly match your acne treatment program. This will depend on whether you have an oily skin type, a dry skin type or a mixture of both skin types. Your dermatologist is most likely in the best position to decide for you in this case the one that will suit you most.
  • Check the ingredients of the product before buying. Because of difference in skin types of different people, a product might be good to one person and quite horrible to the next person using it. Some people’s skin are very sensitive in nature and so are kind of allergic to some of the ingredients that make up some acne cleansers. It will be wise to check what a product is made up of as well as the skin type it is meant for. This you can do by looking up the label of the product container be it a bottle, a jar or any other case. Most of them indicate this information on the label to help you decide if it will suit your skin type. Also be careful to avoid products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as one of its ingredients because they are quite harmful and tend to worsen the acne skin condition. The chemical tends to wipe your skin off its natural oils and even dry and irritate the skin .So make sure the cleanser for acne product you plan to buy does not contain the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as one of its ingredients.
  • Go for a cleanser that is strong enough to control acne breakouts. They usually remove any dirt from your skin and keep your skin clean. In this case, go for the one that is alcohol free, non-abrasive and gentle on skin. They are usually not the type that will drain your skin off its natural oils nor will they cause skin redness, skin irritation and flare-ups.
  • Read the reviews available for your intended cleanser for acne. They are available mostly online on the internet and are a great source of knowledge and experience concerning the product. There you get unbiased reviews made by customers and actual users of the cleanser in question. Specifically you can find them on web stores and sites that sell cleansers and other similar skin care products such as Amazon, EBay, BestBuy etc. I advise you take your time to read most reviews if not all the reviews available for your choice of cleanser for acne.
  • Check for some specific ingredients in your intended cleanser for acne product that improve the look of your skin and its appearance and also fight acne. Cleansers that are medicated in nature usually contain ingredients like the Soldium suffacetamide, Salicyclic acids and/or Benzoyl Peroxide that fights acne, cleans and clears your skin. Specifically the sodium suffacetamide works against bacteria growth in your skin while the salicyclic acid chemical normally reduces redness and swelling of the skin and clears up pores that are blocked on your skin. And then the popular Benzoyl Peroxide attacks and kills bacteria and exfoliates the skin. So when you see any of them or a combination of these special ingredients, go for it in a cleanser for acne product.
  • Try as many top rated Cleansers as possible. Though it might seem unrealistic and practically impossible to try all of the acne cleansers available in every drugstore or web store, it is quite possible for you to try those that are rated highly and reviewed mostly by users. The reason is so you can find the one that will be most effective as well as suitable for your skin type. It is advised that when trying out various cleanser for acne products, that you keep a record of those products you tried and how they performed. This will help you know the reason and cause of a bad skin reaction. But when doing so, only go for cleansers that are meant for your skin type so as to reduce the adverse effect it might have on you while you are making use of it.
  •  Always read instructions on a cleanser for acne label and use them as instructed. This cannot be overemphasized but it looks funny sometimes when some people ignore this and expect to get improvements on their skin. The fact is that a cleanser will not work well and give you the result you want if it is not used as instructed. Even the best cleanser for acne will not work effectively if used wrongly. So read and follow instructions and act as instructed.


So that’s it on how to choose the right cleanser for acne. Hope this helps in making you find that cleanser that suits you and will give you all you really want from an acne cleanser. And finally you can check out my list of the best cleanser for acne available now on Amazon HERE. 

clarisonic Skin Care Mia 2 Sonic Skin Acne Clarifying Cleansing Collection image