Best Cleanser For Acne 2016, 2015

If you are like me Clarisonic Skin Care Mia 2 Sonic Skin Acne Clarifying Cleansing Collectionwhen I started searching for the best cleanser for acne for the year 2016, you most likely got tired of reading those promotional articles out there that try to endorse and point that a particular cleanser is all you need. To make it more difficult, almost all cleanser products in the market today claims to be the best. So which one of them should you trust?

Off course you should not trust them based on a review ‘anybody’ made and put up online. You should rather approach the matter in a different way .In a way that will allow you see the pros and cons of the top products available so as to make a good choice of the best cleanser for your acne.

After a long and tedious search with many failures I must admit, it got to a point where I got tired of all the so called reviews and recommendations those articles gave me. I realized that a product can be excellent for me and quite horrible and disappointing to the next person using it. And so you alone the buyer should be able to access information on more than one product so as to decide which one of them will work for you.

Luckily for you,the top performing products are not hard to find. And you are at the right place as this blog is all about cleansers for acne. So be rest assured and read on as I discuss on how to find them.

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After a thorough search which includes researching and reading lots of customer reviews, I found out that 3 of the top products available met my expectation and offered true quality and value for users. They are:


        A Quick Comparison of the top 3 Products above

If you will have to decide which one of these top products is the one for you, then you should take your time to look into the pros and cons of each individual product in my top list. The reason is that there is nothing like a 100 percent perfect product out there but based on my research, I found a few of them that can actually come close to what you can call perfect. So here is a comparison chart below of each of the top 3 products i found as well as their prices, number of reviews and Amazon ratings.

ParametersClarisonic Skin Care Mia 2 Sonic Skin Acne Clarifying Cleansing CollectionClean and clear continuous control acne cleanserProactive solution Renewing Cleanser
Product Image and Price

Amazon Rating

4.4 out of 5 stars

4.1 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars
Customer Reviews112 Reviews83 Reviews69 Reviews


2.8 x 3.2 x 5.8 inches ; 12 ounces

6.4 x 2.5 x 1.9 inches ; 6.2 ounces

11 ounces

Shipping Weight

1.2 pounds

6.4 ounces

11 ounces

Free Shipping


Yes(on orders over $35)


  Review of the top 3 Products I have on my list

Here below is a brief review of the above mentioned top 3 products

Clarisonic skin care mia 2 sonic skin Acne clarifying cleansing collection.

Clarisonic Skin Care Mia 2 Sonic Skin Acne Clarifying Cleansing Collection

What I personally like most about this first one on my top 3 product list is the value it provides for its users. Most users commented that it does a very good job in thoroughly cleaning and eliminating pores off the skin in a way that is about 6 times better than using mere hands and water.

Moreover those who used it after trying many other similar products highly recommend it as the final say in getting the results you want from a single product. It’s the very reason i chose it as the first among my top products list.

A lot of people hesitated at first to go for it due to its price but after trying and failing with cheaper products, had to get it later and were so glad and satisfied with the results they got. Besides that, here are a few other advantages that are worth considering about the Mia 2 as it is popularly called:

  • It includes an Acne cleansing brush that is specially made to remove oil, dirt and impurities more thoroughly.
  • It treats Acne blemishes faster and more effectively.
  • It improves and simplifies the cleansing process leaving the skin feeling so soft and smooth in a way that will make you feel it all over you.
  • It refines and clears pores more rapidly and makes skin clearer, softer, and healthier giving the user a feeling of confidence even without make up after use.
  • It clears any make up or facial treatment it finds on your skin much better.
  • It makes skin feel clean and soft while looking brighter and it is very gentle to use.

On the other hand what I don’t really like about the Mia 2 is the effect it has on your skin when you begin to use it. Yes to be frank with you, some users skin got worse at the first few days of using it but rapidly got a lot better and improved steadily till it made the user feel just right.

It didn’t happen in all cases though at first use as many others saw good results just immediately after first use. Well to me it’s all about being patient with it while it does its job in case you don’t see results immediately. Next thing i hesitated at first is the price which is quite on the high side but i go for it because it is actually worth the investment and will give you the most value for your money and that’s why I included it at the top of my list .

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Clean And Clear continuous control acne cleanser

Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser


This Clean & Clear Continuous Control product comes in a pack of 4 which makes the price a bit higher than when you are going for the one with just one pack. What i personally like the most about the clean and clear product is that it is very effective at tightening pores and getting rid of blackheads very quickly. This in turn helps to reduce breakouts as it removes dirts and oil particles from the body easily. Apart from that, here are other points and features that i like the most about the clean and clear;

  •  Not only does it remove dirts and oils from the body, it also features a pore-penetrating technology that deposits an acne medicine to help fight and prevent future breakouts even long after wash.
  • Continuous usage of it makes skin clearer and keeps blemishes off the face.
  • It dries out skin in a way that helps reduce the number of pimples you get.
  • It deals with and removes red bumps at constant use.

I have some reservations though about it and it mostly has to do with the effect it has on the user which you might want to pay attention to. It has a very drying effect on the skin as most users did mention that it dries out their skin .This is mainly due to it having the highest single concentration of the popular Benzoyl peroxide, the main active agent, in a single product-10 percent to be precise. This in turn makes it have a burning effect and feel like mint as you use it. Because of this, I won’t recommend it to those with a very sensitive skin because it might be too strong on them.

One other thing i don’t like about it is the bleaching effect it has on anything that comes close to it even after a thorough wash after use. Items like bathmats, towels, sheets, pillow cases, and clothes in general that are not white in color gets bleached and ruined in the process. To curb this, it is advised to use a special white face towel specially for it. Aside from what i mentioned above, there has been no major issue experienced with using it and so that shouldn’t stop you if that is what suits you.

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  Proactiv solution renewing cleanser (Benzoyl peroxide Acne treatment) by Proactiv

Best cleanser for acne Proactiv solution renewing cleanser (Benzoyl peroxide Acne treatment) by Proactiv

This is the last but definitely not the least of on my top list. It is actually one of the popular Proactiv brand of products and is known simply as Proactiv solution to its users and marketers alike. It has good qualities you will find interesting among others and that’s why I included it in my list of the best.

What I like most about it is the way it makes the skin clear that is so noticeable even with strangers. It clears out pores in a very efficient way and removes excess dirt and make up from the skin. This gives the skin a very clear complexion and makes it look and feel better. Moreover here are some other things that I personally like about it;

  • It’s quite gentle on skin and exfoliates very well and so is suitable for those with very sensitive and oily prone skin.
  • It’s larger in size and cheaper than most others of its kind in most shopping malls.
  • It does not dry the face out and is one of the few ways to get rid of zits.

Well if you are looking for a good investment, then this might be it. But there are a few things you may want to take note of which many did not like about it. First is that like the Clean and clear, it bleaches out most colored fabrics like towels, pillow cases, sheets etc. To prevent this, all you have to do is to use it with a separate white towel. Also the size is bigger than others in its category. Besides that, it is  good at what it does in effectively doing a thorough cleansing job and thats why I included it in my top products list.

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           How to find a good cleanser product for your Acne problems

You really don’t have to go by everything said here about the top 3 products I mentioned above. You can discover and make a list of your own top products by making use of the criteria I personally derived and use in determining them. The most common of these criterias are here below for you to consider when doing your research.

  • Price
  • Long term effect
  • Cleansing effect and overall performance
  • Side effects/after effects
  • Good side
  • Bad side
  • Customer satisfaction

If you ask me, I will say price, cleansing effect /overall performance and customer satisfaction are the 3 most important factors to consider when doing your own research.

Considering price, people tend to go for the cheapest items in the market. But this shouldn’t be so when you are looking for the best because there are some items whose real worth is close to nothing but then their price is so attractive, you could easily be deceived. You will find yourself spending more on a better product when you later go for it at the expense of time and money. Other factors mentioned above have to be analyzed critically to come out with a good list that can make your top product list.

The most rational thing you could do however is to compare them point by point to determine which one of them is it. For example if you are to consider the side effect of each of them mentioned above, the Clarisonic skin care Mia 2 comes first in terms of less complains from actual users. It is closely followed by the Proactiv solution which just has a side effect of bleaching out most colored fabrics and being a bit bigger in size than the rest of its kind in the market. While the clean and clear continuous control comes behind them all in having the most side effect of a very active bleaching agent. Most people did not like this and did complain about it as well as the fact that it dries out the skin of most users.

Considering the Cleansing effect and the overall performance of them all, I will go for the Clarisonic skin care Mia 2 again as the top performing in this aspect among them all going by the response of actual users of it. The clean and clear continuous control comes next followed lastly by the Proactiv solution.

Customer satisfaction again is to me one of the most important factor when you are looking to buy a product, because this tells you if actual users of the product in question were satisfied with it. This is easy-just read all the Amazon reviews available for the product and it will help you gain a better knowledge and understanding of the product. It will actually help you to choose the top products among them. What people are saying about an item is a very important factor in deciding so all you have to do is take your time and read them but then again I have done all that when i was doing my research and here is my conclusion;

The Clarisonic skin care Mia 2 sonic comes first in terms of customer satisfaction while the proactive solution comes next and then lastly the Clean and Clear continuous control comes behind them.

Taking a look at each and every review made by customers who bought a particular product could take time though and you might not have that time but it is worth it if what you are looking for is really important to you .But that is if you are intending to make out your own top list using my own criteria on how to do so.

However if you are going with my own top product lists mentioned above, I can assure you that I have practically read all the reviews available for each and every one of them mentioned above to help those that don’t have the time. I took my time to do this for me myself, a long time Acne sufferer as well as for my friends and colleagues who are Acne sufferers as well and who needed help in choosing the right product for themselves. I also knew that somebody somewhere might find it helpful and I will equally be relieved being of help to them. Just shoot me a mail in our contact us section to show some appreciation if you wish to do so.

There are some other factors however that people tend to look at before deciding which one to go for such as the rating of a product. But looking at the rating only before deciding to go for a product is not really ideal. I will tell you why.

People usually do it because they are in a hurry. But if time is not by your side, the easier way to do is to take a moment to read all the 5-star reviews. But bear in mind that if it is rated 5-star, it does not necessary mean that it is the best .You have to compare it with other points in mind. A better way to look at ratings is to determine the exact number of ratings and reviews existing for the item in question. Because an item might have a 100% 5-star rating but might get that rating from just one customer alone who was satisfied with it. In other words, just one person made the item to get that 100 % 5-star rating. How about the rest of the other users? You can never tell what they would have rated it so that is why a rating like this could be misleading because it just has a single customer rating it.

But if you consider the total number of people reviewing it together with the ratings as well, you will get the correct overall picture of what people are saying about it. So in summary, if an item has just one customer reviewing it with a 5-star rating and another item has more than 100 people reviewing it with a 4 star rating, you may want to go for the one with the 4-star rating because it looks more credible.


In all mentioned above, my personal vote goes for the Clarisonic skin care Mia 2 sonic product because it had the most advantage over the others on my top list and its disadvantages were just minor to compare with the others. Moreover when over 90 % of people who personally used it are highly recommending it, you just can’t ignore it for anything less.

All the positive points and factors mentioned above together with lots of satisfied customer reviews made me arrive at this conclusion that it is the best Cleanser for acne for the year 2016 and beyond. The other two are equally good as well since you will also get good value for their price but I highly recommend the Clarisonic skin care Mia 2 sonic as the one you should go for as the best cleanser for acne.

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